CQ Unicares High Performance Scholarship

CQUnicares North Queensland Sports Foundation  Scholarship

A scholarship to provide recognition and financial assistance to an elite athlete or coach (recognised by the Elite Athlete Friendly University) who resides in North Queensland and is commencing the first year of a Bachelor course.

Scholarship Value: Up to $10,000

Length of Scholarship: Duration of course

Number Available: 1 (One)

Opening Date: 10 May 2022

Closing Date: 03 June 2022

This is a fantastic opportunity for our young North Queensland Athletes to develop there sporting careers and further their education whilst remaining in North Queensland. Many of our young regional athletes fail to reach their full potential due to the circumstances associated with residing in North Queensland. Our young athletes are challenged with the decision to relocate at an early age generally straight out of school to chase their aspirations as an elite athlete. This proves too much for some who succumb to the situation and fail to reach their objectives.

The High Performance Sports Scholarship Program is a very unique opportunity for our young NQ Athletes providing financial support within the NQ region. A number of sporting codes have developed strong resources and infrastructure in regional North Queensland which allows athletes to develop whilst residing in NQ.

Additional support from the corporate sector would assist with the expansion of the project.

We encourage you to promote this program to your sporting communities.

Interested to learn more about the application process?

Learn about the application process on the the CQUniversity website.